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“I can finally sleep at night thanks to the Tracy Law Firm!” - George in Sacramento

Bankruptcy is Authorized by the Constitution

The law in our country recognizes that the overall economy works better when people are making and spending money. It is not good for the overall economy to have people burdened with debt for the rest of their lives because of bad luck or momentary poor judgment.

Bills can mount up for many reasons, such as illness, loss of job, gambling and the like. The federal bankruptcy laws allow you to get rid of all those pesky credit card bills, keep your sanity and start fresh with a new set of credit cards.

“I waited far too long before I filed. Because I was so ashamed of my debts due to the housing debacle, I borrowed from a 401K and from relatives. I started selling things I owned for whatever I could get. If I talked to Mike Tracy sooner, I would have known that I would be better off not doing any of that.” - Mike in Rocklin

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - A Clean Slate

The standard bankruptcy for most people that wipes out those credit cards is filed under the federal bankruptcy laws, commonly called a "Chapter 7" bankruptcy. You can keep a lot of your property, such as a car, house, clothes, retirement accounts and the like. These are called "exemptions" . The law puts some monetary limits on these exemptions, but most people find them livable and keep most if not all of their existing property.

“Thanks to the Tracy Law Firm, I wiped out all my credit card bills and was able to keep my home, my car and my 401K.” - Duane in Lincoln

Chapter 7 Fees

We charge a Flat fee. We will tell you what the fee is up front. Barring any unusual circumstances, that fee will not change. The general fee for a Chapter 7 is $2,200 to $3,500 plus court fees.*

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*Court fees at $299. Actual Fee depends upon various factors for each situation, including number of creditors, total quantities and amounts of debt and other potential complications such as homes owned, pension plans and properties in foreclosure. Prices are subject to change.